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  dump_stack() e8c4f18faf Rewrite readme for new installation process 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 72aef7545a Now use two separate config for autogenerated and user-defined kernels 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 7707f75a02 Allow to force bump docker container 1 year ago
  dump_stack() f85c37fea6 Improve error logging 1 year ago
  dump_stack() b350e9c45b Implements kernels config autogeneration 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 4956fdc4a2 Install libelf-dev in build containers for Ubuntu 1 year ago
  dump_stack() f81a4e38a1 Auto-generate rootfs image name 1 year ago
  dump_stack() fdb08ecf62 Print kernel config skeleton to stdout 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 61d3e02630 Remove useless commentary 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 8eff63f2b9 Basic kernel autogeneration (based on current config) implementation 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 804e0b4879 Move gdb listen address to params 1 year ago
  dump_stack() b6dc7e892f Implements kernel debug environment 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 29dbe09a94 Add ssh command generator 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 6d7f6c5435 Add timeout for enough time for qemu to be runned 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 4a247b229a Implements qemu debug support 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 44aa01856f Do not produce errors for kernel exploit default test 1 year ago
  dump_stack() a0c9a8f8e6 Implements fallback to default test for kernel exploit 1 year ago
  dump_stack() b9500de0ba Implements skeleton module/exploit config generator 1 year ago
  dump_stack() bf6f233479 Implements marshalling for config 1 year ago
  dump_stack() cc42b077cf Change screenshot to actual 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 119c2eea58 Implements check for required commands 1 year ago
  dump_stack() cc3f536c62 Move kernel command to another file 1 year ago
  dump_stack() ce7fce49f5 Add config submodule 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 67dd58921d Remove redutant package name for import 1 year ago
  dump_stack() bacee99c7c Move config types to submodule 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 075998a95f Move pew-related stuff 1 year ago
  dump_stack() ea738c994f Produce error if no kernels found 1 year ago
  dump_stack() cc87a792c5 Now .out-of-tree.toml can also define version of distro 1 year ago
  dump_stack() a138681e1d Set default kernels config path to dotfiles 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 721e7d49bf Use fatal instead of plain logging for errors 1 year ago
  dump_stack() f9963e51a8 Add command for list kernels 1 year ago
  dump_stack() c781511e72 Read kernels config outside of pew command 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 4fbc303c4f Remove CentOS and Debian from kernel factory 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 23f907b0f8
Merge pull request #5 from xairy/master 1 year ago
  Andrey Konovalov d77765748a Force container creation in tools/kernel-factory/bootstrap.sh 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 3a6990458b Do not exit if there's no test file 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 3cc3a6eb32 More examples 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 31b5e8a948 Implements ability to test binary modules/exploits 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 305c27eb7d Implements setting docker and qemu timeout 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 053678fee6 More examples 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 8b421f2cf0 Implements basic version guessing 1 year ago
  dump_stack() e91af205f4 Allow to enumerate distro types 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 7040fb7a0b Fix typo (Flag was with a Cmd postfix) 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 7a68de16ba Implements support build/run/test only for one kernel 1 year ago
  dump_stack() e3692b9df1 Do not use privileged flag for copy kernel/initrd/module 1 year ago
  dump_stack() d8b28b2c6a Do not remove config/abi/retpoline files 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 6df7c96f0f Get rid of global kingpin 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 1b9e72802d Refactor argument parsing 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 672a8e6735 Do not die inside handler, just return error 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 29c12f18ce Remove unused code 1 year ago