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Add brief description 23 hours ago
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Fix spelling 1 day ago
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Using sed to fix spelling was not a really good idea. 1 day ago
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Fix spelling 1 day ago
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Set version 1 day ago
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Update changelog 1 day ago
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Troubleshooting 1 day ago
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Note about CentOS kernels 1 day ago
  dump_stack() 72bb8df46b
Support CentOS kernels 1 day ago
  dump_stack() 1ffd68601c
Remove bootstrap, download images on-demand 1 day ago
  dump_stack() 86ad71f230
Install libseccomp-dev only for 14.04 and later 2 days ago
  dump_stack() a08861cc19
Implements KPTI flag 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 24b2123582
More flexible way to change smep/smap/kaslr while debug 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 01d6c89d60
Apply qemu cpu/memory settings from artifact config 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 08ed3461ad
Use smep/smap settings from artifact config as default value 2 days ago
  dump_stack() d425f455bb
Make variable names more toml-friendly 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 857f398f6b
MarshalTOML for Duration 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 282d99f511
Allow to force some qemu settings from .out-of-tree.toml 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 338300eeec
CPU model 'host' requires KVM 2 days ago
  dump_stack() e106eaa3e0
Add libseccomp-dev to ubuntu base layer 2 days ago
  dump_stack() 89305b7011 Use all host cpu features 3 days ago
  dump_stack() 54a3704bc2 Do not clean dmesg 3 days ago
  dump_stack() f3d932e100
Lowercase donate badges 3 days ago
  dump_stack() 0daf31e3aa
Initial implementation of exploit pack testing 3 days ago
  dump_stack() c0aeb01ff7
Test.sh fallback 3 days ago
  dump_stack() ddf2fc0d0b
Check kvm permissions 3 days ago
  dump_stack() 735256ff13
Travis-CI: xenial -> bionic 3 days ago
  dump_stack() ea5f06334c
Fix regexp 4 days ago
  dump_stack() f847f0a773
Text wrap 4 days ago
  dump_stack() e5856c1931
Implements non-regex way to set kernel version 4 days ago
  dump_stack() faf9f9fd8f
Do not show warning if test.sh is not exists 4 days ago
  dump_stack() 6ee5530554
Refactor 4 days ago
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Refactor 4 days ago
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Typo 4 days ago
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Fix tests 4 days ago
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Refactor 4 days ago
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Fix markdown identation 4 days ago
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Add missed va_end call 4 days ago
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Refactor [2] 4 days ago
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Refactor 4 days ago
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Update changelog for next release 5 days ago
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Documentation: fix lists 5 days ago
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Documentation: brief introduction and installation steps 5 days ago
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Change bitcoin link 5 days ago
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Add bitcoin donation button 5 days ago
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Add donate button 5 days ago
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Add readthedocs badge 5 days ago
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Documentation: Fix heading [2] 5 days ago
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Documentation: Fix heading 5 days ago
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Init docs 5 days ago