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  dump_stack() 5864109080
Do not fail for kernel module if there is no test script 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 75f5636d31
Avoid errors in case when no kernels in container 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 56cdad74b3
Revert "CI: Test also without go modules to catch upstream API changes" 1 year ago
  dump_stack() c680099801
CI: Test also without go modules to catch upstream API changes 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 94706ea8e7
gofmt 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 24de060a13
Use same version of aurora everywhere 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 27090f674a
Update go modules 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 80b3ae6912
Merge pull request #14 from chiveson/patch-1 1 year ago
  chiveson 7d6806846d
Update pew.go 1 year ago
  dump_stack() c12daaa1d6 Travis-CI: fix bootstrap.sh path 1 year ago
  dump_stack() e0c91f1b59 Travis-CI: use xenial 1 year ago
  dump_stack() cf75f4424d Use relative path for bootstrap script 1 year ago
  dump_stack() c3af494fa8 Fix bootstrap.sh path 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 92484bf1d7 Travis-CI: go modules support 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 983201bb7a
Go modules support 1 year ago
  dump_stack() b5965e8374
Rename qemu package 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 144a8547bc
Move upstream to code.dumpstack.io 1 year ago
  dump_stack() fb9b03029b Update README.md 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 2e6b983a84 Add requirements for Fedora 2 years ago
  dump_stack() ddf9c90ead Fix typo 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 42bebad9ca Add comments for exported functions 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 556ead8594 Avoid ineffectual assignment 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 630f6c7fe1 Move all kernels generation to separate function 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 094f209791 Remove redundant return statement 2 years ago
  dump_stack() d42474892c Reduce main func complexity 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 18a92703ba Move to fmt.Errorf 2 years ago
  dump_stack() e0f0133d42 Refactor: use only one exit for func 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 1dace23475 Drop useless else block 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 0b6ae6a23c Refactor 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 597de7f8c4 Refactor variable names 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 051d080a67 Typo 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 1f35eb165d if-else -> switch 2 years ago
  dump_stack() db27959c8b Use keyed fields 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 880af47cc5 Use go timers for kill docker by timeout, fixes #12 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 49b567cd4b Add test for docker command with timeout 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 2a3c3ed18e Non-zero exit status if something failed 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 4dd34fec1d
Update README.md 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 076a5babb9 Fix typo 2 years ago
  dump_stack() bc4129e01c Do not check for kernels config exist 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 6b0301ec45 Do not exit if kernels config does not exists 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 825d69b770 Implements command for generate all kernels for distro/version 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 3fdb2736c8 Remove kernel factory 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 257ff0cb7f Remove snap support 2 years ago
  dump_stack() f8b3f5fbaf Update source tree for build 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 5682dd99c1 Do not run bootstrap automatically, but suggest it to user 2 years ago
  dump_stack() cf0e5efe18 Move bootstrap before kernels check 2 years ago
  dump_stack() b459f91a22 Run bootstrap automatically on first run 2 years ago
  dump_stack() bda5a5764a Improve logging 2 years ago
  dump_stack() b0d2c99246 Check for qemu-system-x86_64 not qemu 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 6188043cef
Update README.md 2 years ago