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  dump_stack() 65a34d8ec8 Add vagrant file for generate centos image 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 6991877493 Add example kernel exploit skeleton 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 97842d8753 Add example kernel module 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 0e03daf21c Now default source path is current working directory 2 years ago
  dump_stack() e1a3de5d05 Must return after found one supported kernel 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 46122397b5 {artifact,distro}Type unmarshalling 2 years ago
  dump_stack() dfcd11c549 Add quotes to toml config 2 years ago
  dump_stack() ce0fc1c10d Add symbolic links to Ubuntu images 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 71c0395f62 Fix kernel generation for Ubuntu 14.04 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 335d4e8211 Add vagrant vbguest plugin to readme 2 years ago
  dump_stack() f579303bb9 Guarantee remove previous ssh config values 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 792ad78b15 Basic implementation of out-of-tree util 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 153b556bc5 Generate images for trusty, xenial, bionic 2 years ago
  dump_stack() a06ccea904 Rewrite rc.local, not append 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 0f24022b95 Fix image/kernel/initrd names 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 33fe9ed78d Generate kernels.toml in kernel-factory bootstrap 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 847c934bda Stop qemu if kernel panic occurs 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 6670cd544b Implements async ssh commands 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 335fb038a4 Allow access to qemu log while VM is running 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 865de3b1a9 Supress minor scp errors 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 4e898b421a Add script for generate kernels with docker 2 years ago
  dump_stack() a662e77f48 Fix initrd name/mask 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 9aded6e1f1 Install libelf-dev for CONFIG_STACK_VALIDATION 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 9cf5e1ff33 Install development tools in docker images 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 6a6ccfe728 Ignore .vagrant directory 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 56175eb4ed Add README.md 2 years ago
  dump_stack() bedc20d6c3 github.com/jollheef/go-qemu-kernel -> github.com/jollheef/out-of-tree/qemu 2 years ago
  dump_stack() f386b5d805 Add TODO for qemu-debian-img 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 997d6e24d3 Add docker files for build environment and generation of kernels 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 308808cc59 Remove qemu timeout from test itself (must be from test framework) 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 0053f56b6f Use real kernel path for some tests 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 5bd995a66e Add usage example 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 8649c791ea Implements insmod kernel module from local file 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 623a7f08c1 Parallel run for longtests 2 years ago
  dump_stack() a7ecd80784 Implements copying executable then run it on qemu 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 737eee67e0 Implements copying files from host machine to qemu 2 years ago
  dump_stack() bb8a0a013b Implements initrd support 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 32c91bc0ba Use one CPU by default 2 years ago
  dump_stack() ac6dc96d69 Implements timeout for qemu 2 years ago
  dump_stack() a33d658001 Use configuration file for tests instead of hardcoded kernel/qcow2 path 2 years ago
  dump_stack() ab7a1d5d75 Vagrant configuration for bootstrap debian/ubuntu images 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 663407b241 Use HVF on macOS 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 2acf22802e Use only on linux 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 667c42a8c6 Move qemu init for tests to separate function 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 5c31812089 Implements executing of commands on qemu system 2 years ago
  dump_stack() dfc1f64841 Save forwarded ssh port 2 years ago
  dump_stack() a41de84157 Correct qemu arguments 2 years ago
  dump_stack() e923c7c3c8 Qemu debian image generator 2 years ago
  dump_stack() d723d1a8f5 Implements start/stop 2 years ago
  dump_stack() 7aeec55a64
Initial commit 2 years ago