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# Changelog
[ISO 8601](https://xkcd.com/1179/).
[Semantic Versioning](https://semver.org/spec/v2.0.0.html).
## [2.1.0]
### Added
- Graceful shutdown on ^C while kernels generation.
- Flag to set the container runtime command.
- out-of-tree image --dry-run for printing full qemu command.
### Changed
- No exit at the end of the retries, will continue with the other
- All temporary files moved to ~/.out-of-tree/tmp/.
### Fixed
- Discrepancies between /lib/modules and /boot should no longer lead
to fatal errors.
- Podman support on macOS.
## [2.0.0]
### Breaking
- Layers with kernels in containers have been abandoned in favor of
installation to mounted volumes.
- Command line interface has been changed to alecthomas/kong.
### Added
- Command `kernel install` to install specific kernel.
- Command `containers` to manage containers.
- Command `image edit` to edit qemu image.
- Flag `--force` to force reinstallation of the kernel.
- Flag `--artifact-config` to specify the path to .out-of-tree.toml.
- Flag `--no-headers` flag to install kernel and initrd only.
- Flag `--shuffle` to randomize the order of kernels for
- Support make targets in artifact config.
- Support patches in artifact config.
- Support for copying standard modules to qemu.
- Script artifact type for various automation and information gathering.
- Add TestFiles to artifact config, transfers additional test files to VM.
- Improved logging, with logfile at ~/.out-of-tree/logs/out-of-tree.log
- Kernel installation will retry (10 times by default) in case of
network problems.
- Stdout trace (with --log-level=trace, and always to logfile) for
qemu and container execution.
- Compatibility with Podman.
- Support for Ubuntu 22.04.
## [1.4.0]
### Added
- Parameter `--docker-timeout` may also be set in the artifact
configuration file.
- Preload modules before inserting module or run exploit. Modules can
be specified by git repository path in the `repo` parameter of
section `[[preload]]`. Also, there is a `path` parameter for local
projects. Note that `repo` is using a cache that uses last commit
hash to check is project needs to be rebuilt, so it's not suitable
for local development (except if you will commit each time before
run out-of-tree).
- Flag `--disable-preload` to ignore `[[preload]]` section of
configuration file.
- Now `out-of-tree log dump` will show the last log if no ID
## [1.3.0] 2020-05-30
### Added
- Support for Ubuntu 20.04 and CentOS 8.
## [1.2.1] 2019-12-25
### Fixed
- macOS support.
## [1.2.0] 2019-11-15
### Added
- Flag for Verbose output. Right now only qemu status messages is
### Fixed
- Kpti settings was not affected for regular runs.
## [1.1.2] 2019-09-05
### Added
- Added policykit-1 to rootfs for Ubuntu.
### Fixed
- Avoided slow mirrors with use of mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com for
Ubuntu 16.04 and newer.
## [1.1.1] 2019-08-31
### Fixed
- macOS support.
## [1.1.0] 2019-08-30
### Added
- Global configuration file (~/.out-of-tree/out-of-tree.toml) allow to
set up default values for settings.
- rootfs generator for Ubuntu 14.04.
- Parameter for setting up docker registry server.
- Support for (distro-specific) custom docker commands that will be
executed before the base template.
- Parameter for setting up a reliability threshold for exit code.
- Parameter for setting up global timeout, after which no new tasks
will be started.
### Fixed
- Spelling in output.
- Now kernel generation will not fail if there are no directory
/lib/modules inside the container.
## [1.0.0] 2019-08-20
### Added
- New parameter `--max=X` is added for `autogen` (generate kernels
base on `.out-of-tree.toml` definitions) and `pew` (automated
runs) and allows to specify a maximum number of runs per each
supported kernel in module/exploit definition.
- New command `genall` -- generate all kernels for specified
- All logs stores in sqlite3 database. Implemented specific commands
for making simple queries and export data to markdown and json.
- Implemented success rate calculation for previous runs.
- Save of build results supported by parameter `--dist` for `pew`.
- Support for generating kernels info from host system.
- Support for build on host.
- Support for custom kernels.
- Now debugging environment is automatically looking for debug
kernel on the host system.
- Added ability to enable/disable kaslr/smep/smap/kpti for debugging
by command line flags.
- New parameter `--threads=N` is added for `pew` and allows to
specify maximum number of threads that will be used for parallel
- Tagging for runs. Tags write to log and can be used for
- Added non-regex way to set kernel version in .out-of-tree.toml (see
- New command `pack` that perform tests in subdirectories.
- Added ability to disable kaslr/smep/smap/kpti for in artifact
- Added ability to change amount of memory/CPUs and set qemu timeout
in artifact definition (`.out-of-tree.toml`).
- Now images downloading while `kernel autogen`, bootstrap is not
required anymore.
- Support CentOS kernels.
### Changed
- Now if there's no base image found — out-of-tree will try to use
an image from closest previous version, e.g. image from Ubuntu
18.04 for Ubuntu 18.10.
- Kernel modules tests will not be failed if there are no tests
- Now *out-of-tree* will return negative error code if at least one
of the stage was failed.
- Project is switch to use Go modules.
- Now test.sh is used by default if copying is not implemented in
- dmesg is not cleaned before the start of module/exploit anymore.
- qemu/kvm will use all host cpu features.
### Removed
- *Kernel factory* is removed completely in favor of incremental
- `bootstrap` is not doing anything anymore. It'll be removed in next
### Fixed
- Command `timeout` is not required anymore.
- Errors is more meaningful.
- Temporary files is moved to `~/.out-of-tree/tmp/` to avoid docker
mounting issues on some systems.
## [0.2.0] - 2018-12-01
The main purpose of the release is to simplify installation.
### Changes
- All configuration moved to `~/.out-of-tree`.
- Now prebuilt images can be downloaded with bootstrap.
- Ability to generate kernels specific to .out-of-tree.toml in
current directory. So now there's no need to wait for several
hours for start work on specific kernel with module/exploit.
- Now there's no need to keep source tree and _out-of-tree_ can be
distributed in binary form.
- New command: **debug**. Creates interactive environment for kernel
module/exploit development. Still work-in-progress.
- No warning anymore if test.sh is not exists.
## [0.1.0] - 2018-11-20
Initial release that was never tagged.
Refer to state after first public release on ZeroNights 2018