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## [Unreleased]
### Added
- New parameter `--max=X` is added for `autogen` (generate kernels
base on `.out-of-tree.toml` definitions) and `pew` (automated runs)
and allows to specify a maximum number of runs per each supported
kernel in module/exploit definition.
- New command `genall` -- generate all kernels for specified
- All logs stores in sqlite3 database. Implemented specific commands
for making simple queries and export data to markdown and json.
- Implemented success rate calculation for previous runs.
- Save of build results supported by parameter `--dist` for `pew`.
- Support for generating kernels info from host system.
- Support for build on host.
- Support for custom kernels.
- Now debugging environment is automatically looking for debug kernel
on the host system.
- Added ability to enable/disable kaslr/smep/smap for debugging by
command line flags.
- New parameter `--threads=N` is added for `pew` and allows to specify
maximum number of threads that will be used for parallel
- Tagging for runs. Tags write to log and can be used for statistics.
### Changed
- Now if there's no base image found — out-of-tree will try to use an
image from closest previous version, e.g. image from Ubuntu 18.04
for Ubuntu 18.10.
- Kernel modules tests will not be failed if there are no tests
- Now *out-of-tree* will return negative error code if at least one of
the stage was failed.
- Project is switch to use Go modules.
### Removed
- *Kernel factory* is removed completely in favor of incremental
### Fixed
- Command `timeout` is not required anymore.
- Errors is more meaningful.
- Temporary files is moved to `~/.out-of-tree/tmp/` to avoid docker mounting issues on some systems.
## [0.2.0] - 2019-12-01
The main purpose of the release is to simplify installation.
## Changes
### Changes
- All configuration moved to `~/.out-of-tree`.
- Now prebuilt images can be downloaded with bootstrap.
- Ability to generate kernels specific to .out-of-tree.toml in current
@ -30,4 +90,3 @@ Initial release that was never tagged.
Refer to state after first public release on ZeroNights 2018