2019-08-30 17:40:01 +00:00

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Semantic Versioning.

[1.1.0] 2019-08-30


  • Global configuration file (~/.out-of-tree/out-of-tree.toml) allow to set up default values for settings.

  • rootfs generator for Ubuntu 14.04.

  • Parameter for setting up docker registry server.

  • Support for (distro-specific) custom docker commands that will be executed before the base template.

  • Parameter for setting up a reliability threshold for exit code.

  • Parameter for setting up global timeout, after which no new tasks will be started.


  • Spelling in output.

  • Now kernel generation will not fail if there are no directory /lib/modules inside the container.

[1.0.0] 2019-08-20


  • New parameter --max=X is added for autogen (generate kernels base on .out-of-tree.toml definitions) and pew (automated runs) and allows to specify a maximum number of runs per each supported kernel in module/exploit definition.

  • New command genall -- generate all kernels for specified distro/version.

  • All logs stores in sqlite3 database. Implemented specific commands for making simple queries and export data to markdown and json.

  • Implemented success rate calculation for previous runs.

  • Save of build results supported by parameter --dist for pew.

  • Support for generating kernels info from host system.

  • Support for build on host.

  • Support for custom kernels.

  • Now debugging environment is automatically looking for debug kernel on the host system.

  • Added ability to enable/disable kaslr/smep/smap/kpti for debugging by command line flags.

  • New parameter --threads=N is added for pew and allows to specify maximum number of threads that will be used for parallel build/run/test.

  • Tagging for runs. Tags write to log and can be used for statistics.

  • Added non-regex way to set kernel version in .out-of-tree.toml (see examples).

  • New command pack that perform tests in subdirectories.

  • Added ability to disable kaslr/smep/smap/kpti for in artifact definition.

  • Added ability to change amount of memory/CPUs and set qemu timeout in artifact definition (.out-of-tree.toml).

  • Now images downloading while kernel autogen, bootstrap is not required anymore.

  • Support CentOS kernels.


  • Now if there's no base image found — out-of-tree will try to use an image from closest previous version, e.g. image from Ubuntu 18.04 for Ubuntu 18.10.

  • Kernel modules tests will not be failed if there are no tests exists.

  • Now out-of-tree will return negative error code if at least one of the stage was failed.

  • Project is switch to use Go modules.

  • Now test.sh is used by default if copying is not implemented in Makefile.

  • dmesg is not cleaned before the start of module/exploit anymore.

  • qemu/kvm will use all host cpu features.


  • Kernel factory is removed completely in favor of incremental Dockerfiles.

  • bootstrap is not doing anything anymore. It'll be removed in next release.


  • Command timeout is not required anymore.

  • Errors is more meaningful.

  • Temporary files is moved to ~/.out-of-tree/tmp/ to avoid docker mounting issues on some systems.

[0.2.0] - 2019-12-01

The main purpose of the release is to simplify installation.


  • All configuration moved to ~/.out-of-tree.

  • Now prebuilt images can be downloaded with bootstrap.

  • Ability to generate kernels specific to .out-of-tree.toml in current directory. So now there's no need to wait for several hours for start work on specific kernel with module/exploit.

  • Now there's no need to keep source tree and out-of-tree can be distributed in binary form.

  • New command: debug. Creates interactive environment for kernel module/exploit development. Still work-in-progress.

  • No warning anymore if test.sh is not exists.

[0.1.0] - 2019-11-20

Initial release that was never tagged.

Refer to state after first public release on ZeroNights 2018 (video, slides).