Simple application VMs (hypervisor-based sandbox) based on Nix package manager.
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Nix application VMs: security through virtualization

Simple application VMs (hypervisor-based sandbox) based on Nix package manager.

Uses one read-only /nix directory for all appvms. So creating a new appvm (but not first) is just about one minute.

appvm screenshot


See related documentation.


Search for applications

$ appvm search chromium

Run application

$ appvm start chromium
$ # ... long wait for first time, because we need to collect a lot of packages

Synchronize remote repos for applications

$ appvm sync

You can customize local settings in ~/.config/appvm/nix/local.nix.

Default hotkey to release cursor: ctrl+alt.

Shared directory

$ ls appvm/chromium

Close VM

$ appvm stop chromium

Automatic ballooning

Add this command:

$ appvm autoballoon

to crontab like that:

$ crontab -l
* * * * * /home/user/dev/go/bin/appvm autoballoon