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Remove donate 6 months ago
  Vladimir Serov c2413d0208 Updated installation instructions for NixOS 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov d9c651987b fix: stat made qcow2 image creation return error every time 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov 3483763938 ooops, nixos cannot compute 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov bfc28be996 fix for read-write on initrd 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov 6321004848 added forgotten group to our user 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov 5376e7a56f nixos configuration module 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov 77eada72c3 nixpkgs-able default.nix 11 months ago
  Vladimir Serov 9a602a2231 gotta maintain da project 11 months ago
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Switch to buildGoModule 1 year ago
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Follow redirect 1 year ago
  msm-code ba80fba648
Add --network switch to select a networking model (#22) 1 year ago
  msm-code e588479701
Add `--cli` switch that disables the GUI window. (#20) 1 year ago
  msm-code a583335865
Allow VMs with hostname other than default (#19) 1 year ago
  dump_stack() aaede60c4d
Switch to NixOS 20.03 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 6e26754cec
Do not specify session explicitly 1 year ago
  msm-code c0801541b3
Fix random panics during autoballonning. (#17) 1 year ago
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GitHub Actions: Use latest stable nixpkgs channel 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 00f705d757
Update screenshot 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 218e81a6ac
virt-viewer: use title as subtitle 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 7cad1efce8
Move installation guide to docs 1 year ago
  dump_stack() cc5262b10f
Execute GitHub action on pull requests too 1 year ago
  dump_stack() e02edbacf4
Use default machine 1 year ago
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Note about the group name 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 545291b9cf
Suggest to use latest stable channel 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 9b828ff575
Update installation guide 1 year ago
  dump_stack() dc636c3919
Revert "virt-manager: disable subtitle" 1 year ago
  dump_stack() d07d51c7ec
virt-manager: disable subtitle 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 19b92aec1b
virt-viewer: use name of appvm applications as a title 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 680aff06f7
Build appvm from ../default.nix 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 7b76368699
Cleanup 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 5a2ce12c2f
Build from the source directory 1 year ago
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GitHub Actions: Do not generate ISO 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 01a0d206db
virt-viewer: do not grab keyboard/mouse 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 44cb4697ec
Remove virt-viewer menu bar 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 219c48b976
Add dashboard access token 1 year ago
  dump_stack() c68f3bf10d
Donations 1 year ago
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Copy templates at start of tool not vm 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 2146397906
Avoid of changing current work directory 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 1fbbdee76a
Handle case when there's no actions in .desktop file 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 1f4214199e
Build appvm iso with the same source code not master 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 4e7c6e9895
Build ISO only on master 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 88718323f0
Add flag for build vm to `appvm generate` 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 4ce1c5643f
Ignore iso files 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 9c9a71c2c8
Set default password for user 1 year ago
  dump_stack() fca2f89046
Support remove run with `nix run` 1 year ago
  dump_stack() bd63fcd48f
Add dot-desktop-fuse service 1 year ago
  dump_stack() f15d0fb07a
Use master instead of latest tag 1 year ago
  dump_stack() a264cb2ced
Add missed deps 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 33cdae7a47
go modules init for dot-desktop-fuse 1 year ago