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  dump_stack() dbfc2929db
Update builtin chromium appvm description 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 99bd71b80c
Embed builtin description for apps 1 year ago
  dump_stack() 4493d38947 Chromium: Install uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere by default 2 years ago
  dump_stack() a82df7210a Add chromium app vm description 3 years ago
  dump_stack() 2fef367e45 First useful solution 3 years ago
  dump_stack() 71a2abb167 Remove redutant config (now we use own qemu template) 3 years ago
  dump_stack() 8fc6c3fe6c Add telegram desktop 3 years ago
  dump_stack() 61da988c22 Move from ISO to Nix Qemu vms 3 years ago
  dump_stack() bce6cfad0f Initial 3 years ago