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Installation notes

  1. Use the unstable channel.

  2. Prepare the new machine (man nixos)

git clone /mnt/etc/nixos
nixos-generate-config --root /mnt
sed -i 's/imports = \[/imports = \[\n.\/disable-services.nix/' /mnt/etc/nixos/configuration.nix
vim /mnt/etc/nixos/secrets.nix
nixos-install --no-root-password
  1. Change DNS A record

  2. Dump the database on the old machine

systemctl stop 'mastodon-*'
su - mastodon
pg_dump -Fc mastodon_production -f backup.dump
  1. Load the database and start the server
sudo -u mastodon pg_restore -Fc -U mastodon -n public --no-owner --role=mastodon -d mastodon backup.dump
sed -i '/disable-services/d' /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
nixos-rebuild switch
su - mastodon -s "$(which bash)" -c 'mastodon-env tootctl feeds build'