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Follow redirect 4 months ago
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Fix go mod major version 5 months ago
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CI: remove infura api key 5 months ago
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Revert to 19.09 5 months ago
  dump_stack() 98b07a3d34
Support latest infura API 5 months ago
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Increase electrum synchronization timeout to 3 minutes 5 months ago
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GitHub Actions: Update to latest stable nixpkgs channel 5 months ago
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GitHub Actions: Update to latest stable nixpkgs channel 5 months ago
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Build and test on pull request 5 months ago
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Update go-ext-wasm 5 months ago
  Aleksandr Yakimenko 1fd974bf67
Generate 15-words mnemonic (#8) 5 months ago
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GitHub Actions: Use latest stable nixpkgs channel 8 months ago
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Add dashboard access token 9 months ago
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Return real transaction ID instead of a signedTx 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 538b1e7c27
Validate address method for Cardano 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 9949fa72f7
Implements send for Cardano 9 months ago
  dump_stack() afcfbe4f9d
Fix go modules 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 3833d6e3d3
Receive-only support for Cardano 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 6d2d1a2d89
Implements API call utxoForAddresses 9 months ago
  dump_stack() ee65f20d11
Implements API call utxoSumForAddresses 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 928cb01aab
Some todo notes 9 months ago
  dump_stack() bf99a7fa20
Go modules 9 months ago
  dump_stack() ea8ce05524
Basic functions for Cardano support 9 months ago
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Add test 9 months ago
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Add copyright 9 months ago
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Add badges 9 months ago
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Rename workflow 9 months ago
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Add infura API key 9 months ago
  dump_stack() dc3d49ffb6
Use the same wallet for testing balance as for testing send 9 months ago
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GitHub actions: tests 9 months ago
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Document code 9 months ago
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Get address from seed 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 4a9628d1c4
Implements balance/send in units (satoshi) for bitcoin 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 85ffa8b6b8
Do not try to send if balance is zero 9 months ago
  dump_stack() fd45974cd1
Update balance once an hour 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 0e2f86fb17
Substract fee from value to send 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 28819ebb64
Do not crash if electrum not found in PATH 9 months ago
  dump_stack() f17ae2c253
Support JSON Marshal/Unmarshal 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 97d202a76e
Add a list of all cryptocurrencies; get/parse the symbol 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 2e23e9eea6
Tabify example code 9 months ago
  dump_stack() a7ce3768c4
Syntax highlight 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 3f40f23d40
Tests: validate Tx 9 months ago
  dump_stack() fd21b35a00
Implements a precise version of Send/Balance (in units) 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 6d9ef6d39b
Update go modules 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 644777bfc7
Ethereum support 9 months ago
  dump_stack() afe87918e7
GitHub Actions: add donate workflow 9 months ago
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Add go.mod 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 473f110150
Add Validate to API 9 months ago
  dump_stack() f2f9d4e841
Add SendAll to API 9 months ago
  dump_stack() 20df035832
Wait for electrum synchronization no more than one minute 9 months ago